Club Resources

The club owns the following equipment for general sign out to members in good standing.

Celestar 8″ CST

Coronado Solar telescope

8″ homemade Dobsonian

85mm Stellarvue refractor on Celstron CG mount

Members are encouraged to contact the president for further information.

Night Sky Network Kits

The club has a number of kits from the JPL night sky network. The following is a list of the kits we have. Please contact Carol (outreach chair) to borrow a kit to be used for education and outreach. Also contact Carol if you are interested in being involved in reaching out to any particular group (e.g. scouts, youth group, school class) or the public in general.



We have the following kits:

Black Hole Survival
Glass and Mirrors
Life in the Universe
Our Galaxy, Our Universe
Our Magnetic Sun
Planet Quest
Space Rocks
Super Nova
Telescopes Eyes on the Universe
Shadows and Silhouettes
Exploring Our Solar System