About Us

CPO, Inc. (Central Pennsylvania Observers) is a Pennsylvania non-profit Corporation. Our primary focus is on observing the wonders of the night sky. We were founded in Feburary 1997 by a group of astronomy and space enthusiasts. CPO is also a 501c(3) federal tax-exempt organization.

Board of Directors


Steve Taylor. (President)

Joe Broniszwski. (Vice President)

Chris McMullen (Treasurer/Secretary)


Board Members at Large

Bill Arden (membership)

Dave Reisinger

Mike Pelikan

Wayne Osgood

Kelly Kutz

Mike Renne

Bill Gartner


Monthly Meetings

On the first Thursday of most months, we hold a general member meeting. These meetings typically feature an invited speaker, a business meeting, and a social time with snacks provided.

Skywatch Events

Durning the summer months, we try to hold a public viewing event monthly. Check out the schedule on the web page.


Black Forest Star Party

The club sponsors an annual star party held in Potter County, PA. The site is known for its dark skies and beautiful scenery. For more information, go to bfsp.org