Club in Action

March 7, 2023

Sky watch at Bernel Park.  The PSU stories under the sky group joined us for the event.

March 6, 2023

Bill Arden shared “The CPO Gets into Radio Telescopes”. He told us about the Radio Telescope that the CPO has purchased.

February 2023

One of our newest members from the Williamsport area on February 02. 2023 Bob Stoffregen gives a presentation on his astrophotography equipment

February 2020

Howard Bond, pictured on left talking with Wayne, talked about the recent fainting (yes, that’s a term) of Betelgeuse which has heightened interest in variable stars – and that one in particular. 

January 2020

We had a four member round table program. Jim Steamer gave a nice presentation on his growing up with Astronomy interests and visiting some noted telescopes and observatories.     
Jim Paine gave us a synopsis of the struggle to get permits to observe in our local parks.   
Steve Taylor gave us some insight to his latest projects and Bill Arden gave us a presentation about the Parker Solar Probe.

December 5, 2019

The CPO held an Open House for the public. Bill Arden gave a very nice talk about what to see in the sky and how the stars move. 

October 3, 2019

We had an excellent presentation by Källan Berglund entitled “Seeing the Invisible: Observing Black Holes”